Cocoa Mobile Spray Tanning

To book your spray tan, call 07825 803 550 (8am-10pm) 7 days a week

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Price List

Spray Tan Prices - Individual
Full Body Spray Tan £20

Spray Tan Prices - 2 or more people
If you can get a friend to have a Full Body Spray Tan at the same time as we visit then it will cost only £15 each.

Spray Tan Parties
Have you ever thought of having a Spray Tan Party?  Get together with 5 or more of your friends and we'll give everyone a full body spray tan for just £12.50 each!  What's more they're a great laugh - especially if you're drinking a few bottles of wine at the same time!

Vibrance Lotion Prices
We sell the full range of Vibrance products which can be used to prepare for your spray tan as well as maintain and prolong your tan. Your spray tan technician can supply you with any of these, so please just ask.

Vibrance Airspray Tan Clear £15.00 Buy Now
Vibrance Airspray Tan Bronze £15.00 Buy Now
Vibrance Self Tan Spray Bronze £12.50 Buy Now
Vibrance Tan Gel £12.50 Buy Now
Vibrance Body Polish £8.00 Buy Now
Vibrance Face Polish £8.00 Buy Now
Vibrance Body Balm £8.00 Buy Now
Vibrance Moisturising Tan Extender £10.00 Buy Now
Vibrance SPF 15 Self Tanning Lotion £10.00 Buy Now
Vibrance 3 Set-B.Polish/S.Tan/B.Balm £25.00 Call
Ultra Vibr. 3 Set-B.Polish/SPF15 Tan Lot/B.Balm £23.00 Call
Vibrance 4 Pack £34.00 Call
Ultra Vibrance 4 Pack £32.00 Call